Testimony from Annie

I have had a very pleasant experience with Sinead evaluating my 3 children. She has a pleasant personality, ensures the children are at ease, avoids stressful “test” situations.  She looks at all the work done all year and takes it into account, writes well detailed comprehensive reports. I am using her services for next year’sContinue reading “Testimony from Annie”

Midterm Report for MEES

Several families are busy preparing for the mid-term status report for MEES.  This is a required submission between the 3rd and 5th month of homeschooling. For most families, this means it will need to be submitted between November and January. For families who wish to some assistance in writing this report, or who require aContinue reading “Midterm Report for MEES”

Quebec Secondary School Diploma

It has been a little while since this blog was updated – but we have been busy. This morning I had a great meeting with a private school in Quebec to discuss duel-enrollment where students can register as home-schooled students, take classes online from the comfort of their home and attend the school for exams.Continue reading “Quebec Secondary School Diploma”