Recommended Website – Logiciel Educatif – Francais Designed as a multi-disciplinary site for Francophone students, this game site can also be used creatively by English students. Your kids are much less intimadated by second language than you are – especially when it comes in a gaming presentation.

Recommended Website – Storyboard That! The free version of this website should be sufficient to tell if your child will enjoy this enough to pay the monthly fee of $12.99. The free versions gives access to 2 storyboards each week with 3-6 cells each. The paid version has all sorts of extras that your kids will really enjoy using,Continue reading “Recommended Website – Storyboard That!”

Recommended Websites – Enchanted Learning

Over the next few weeks I will be recommending some of my favourite websites. Some are free, some have modest fees and some are a bit pricey. Feel free to bookmark them and explore at your leisure. Everything you ever needed to homeschool for almost nothing. Tons of activities for all ages. There alsoContinue reading “Recommended Websites – Enchanted Learning”